Independent Accommodation

Northern Suburbs Housing Community has 137 independent living one and two bedroom units in 43 different locations.

Approximately half of the Association’s properties were originally family homes that have been converted into generally two one bedroom self contained units.

As the two local government council areas that the Association provides accommodation in (namely the Prospect City Council and the Enfield area of the Port Adelaide Enfield Council) all had fairly large blocks, the Association was able to build another one or two units in the “backyard” of most of these properties.

What was previously a modest 3 bedroom home on a large block of land, is now, depending on the size of the block, a unit development containing between three and five one bedroom units.

The“infill” development is separated from what was the “old” house by a landscaped car parking area.

The other half of the Association’s properties have between three and seven two bedroom units on the property. Thee two bedroom units were purpose built for the Association.

All accommodation is at ground level (there are no two storey developments), is close to shopping centres and public transport.

Semi-Independent Accommodation

Northern Suburbs Housing Community also has a 22 room semi-independent development, referred to as Heritage Court.

Internally, each room at Heritage Court has a bedsit room, en-suite bathroom, built-in robe, kitchenette and an air-conditioner,

There is a common area which includes a kitchen and dining area, laundry area and a community hall.

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