Complaints & Appeals

Northern Suburbs Housing Community hopes any grievance between one tenant and another tenant can be resolved between tenants informally without either tenant having to make a formal complaint.

Tenants that have a grievance with the way in which the Association has acted should, in the first instance, discuss their grievance with their Housing Officer.

If a tenant believes that the Association has not dealt with their grievance to their satisfaction, they can then lodge a formal complaint by completing the Association’s Dispute Report form.

Usually this will be where a tenant believes that the Association has not acted in accordance within the Association’s rules, policies and tenancy guidelines.

Northern Suburbs Housing Community will handle each complaint in accordance with its Complaints and Disputes Policy.

If a tenant’s complaint cannot be resolved to the tenants satisfaction, and the tenant believes the Association has not acted in accordance with its rules, policies or tenancy guidelines, a formal appeal in accordance with the Association’s Internal Appeals Policy can then be lodged.

The Appeals Panel can only overturn a decision if the initial decision was made incorrectly, or was grossly unfair.

Northern Suburbs Housing Community’s Complaints and Disputes Policy and Internal Appeals Policy can be downloaded by clicking on either of the links below.

You will need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to open these policies.

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