Details of any opportunity to work, contract or volunteer for the Association, will be displayed below.


The Association currently has no employment opportunities.

Board Membership

The Association is always looking for Board members who can provide skills which supplement those of our existing Board members.

The advent of national regulation of community housing has demonstrated the need for an Association of our size to have a Board made up of professionals with an interest in ensuring that the Association can thrive and continue to provide secure and affordable accommodation to people predominantly aged 65 or over who meet both the Government’s and the Association’s eligibility requirements.

It is desirable that prospective Board members have experience in any of the following areas:

  • Property Management
  • Asset Management
  • Audit & Risk Management
  • Legal Affairs
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting or Financial Planning
  • Social Work or Community Development

In accordance with the Rules of the Association, the Board is responsible for nominating and voting in no less than six Board members, those appointments, along with the tenant nominated and elected Board member are then confirmed at the Annual General Meeting which is held in late September each year.

Board appointments are for 12 months (i.e. from AGM to AGM).

The Association’s rules do not allow a Board member to hold the same executive position (Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Treasurer or Secretary) for more than five consecutive years, however, such a Board member can be appointed to another executive position, or as a general Board member.

The Association is interested in receiving an Expression of Interest from individuals that would like to be involved in a small and vibrant community housing organisation.

To express interest, please phone the Association on 8344 9011 and request to speak with the Executive Officer.

Service on the Board is to given in a voluntary capacity with reasonable out of pocket expenses being reimbursed.

Contractors / Tradesmen

The Association maintains a team of Contractors/Tradesmen that it uses to perform maintenance on its properties.

Occasionally new Contractors/Tradesmen are required to supplement existing Contractors/Tradesmen.

The Association is interested in receiving Expressions of Interest from Contractors/Tradesmen who would like to provide services to the Association.

To express interest, please phone the Association on 8344 9011 and request to speak with our Housing Officer.

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