Government Eligibility Criteria

From March 1, 2000 all applications for community housing must meet two eligibility criteria.

One which is set by Government, this assessment includes:

  • Basic eligibility – applicants must reside in South Australia and not be the owner of any residential property when they move into a community housing property,
  • An income test,
  • An assets test, and,
  • A needs test.

For more information on government eligibility click here.

Northern Suburbs Housing Community Eligibility Criteria

The other eligibility criteria is set by Northern Suburbs Housing Community, this assessment includes:

  • Being predominantly aged 65 years or over,
  • Have reasonable health and be able to care for themselves and their unit, with some support from domiciliary care services, Meals on Wheels, Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) etc.

For those that are considering the Association’s Heritage Court development, the Association’s eligibility criteria is somewhat relaxed in that applications are considered from people who are semi-independent (i.e. they may be lonely or slightly frail or need a little bit of support), however, they must still be capable of caring for their own room.

Registration of Interest (ROI)

Once you have checked your eligibility for community housing you can register your interest by filling out our ROI Form.

One Registration Of Interest form (ROI) entitles clients to be registered with all Community Housing Associations, (you will need to apply separately to Housing SA to register with them).

Once your ROI application is processed your information can be accessed by any registered community housing provider (other than housing co-operatives) in South Australia.

You will receive written confirmation stating that you have been registered for community housing, or if you are ineligible for community housing you will be advised.

Please ensure that you include your identification and income statement or your ROI will not be processed.

What Happens Next?

You may be asked to attend a housing needs assessment interview. This is to assess your situation and to identify any specific needs you may have – e.g. help to remain independent at home.

After your housing needs interview and/or assessment is completed you will receive a letter informing you of the outcome.

Even if you have special circumstances it can still take some time before you are offered accommodation by the Association.

This is because there may be other applicants with special circumstances who have priority or there may not be a property in your preferred area that matches your household circumstances.

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