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Please call the Association’s office if you are interested in residing at Heritage Court.

Heritage Court 3D Floor Plan

Short Term Accommodation

Northern Suburbs Housing Community can also provide short-term accommodation at Heritage Court, if there are vacancies at Heritage Court.

Short term accommodation may be available for periods of up to six (6) consecutive weeks per booking.

Bookings are required, and, there are no income, assets or needs restrictions. However, preference will be given to those most in need.

Potential residents may also be able to trial Heritage Court.

An all inclusive fee will be payable which would include full use of all the facilities and all meals.

Heritage Court Application Form

If you are interested in residing at Heritage Court, please download, complete and return the Association’s application form to reside at Heritage Court.

Permanent Residents

Northern Suburbs Housing Community has a unique development called Heritage Court.

The development provides semi-independent, rental accommodation for people predominantly aged 65 years or over. Preference is given to people who are on low incomes with limited assets.

A doctor’s assessment may need to be completed at the time of application to ensure that the prospective resident is able to meet the requirements to care for them self and  their room with support.

Support may also be available by applying for a Home and Community Care (HACC) package.

Staff are employed to prepare the two main meals of the day, lunch and dinner. Staff also set out continental breakfast supplies.

Staff clean the common areas, do the weekly shopping for supplies for the house, assists residents with heavy laundry and are generally on call for any emergency.

At present, there is a shortage of affordable housing for elderly people who are capable of looking after themselves and managing their own finances.

Many elderly people are isolated in huge houses or units too difficult for them to manage on their own, some are paying high rents, others are simply lonely and in need of some help, but they are not ready for the usual alternatives.

They don’t require a nursing home, they need a homely, residential environment where they can retain most of their independence, yet still stay involved in their local community.

We believe Heritage Court offers these things and much more.

Each resident has their own private, spacious, room with en-suite bathroom, built-in robe, kitchenette and air-conditioner.

The development also has lovely landscaped gardens. Residents are supplied with their own personal alarm pendant, which provides for 24 hour access to doctors or ambulance.

Residents have their own key to come and go as they please.

Heritage Court residents must provide their own personal care items and be able to look after their own room, or can access a support agency to assist.

Residents are encouraged to be involved in the running of the development and decide on the House Rules which they must then all abide by.

The hallmark of Heritage Court is friendship and mutual support with the aim of providing a secure, private, comfortable, homely, and supportive environment for all residents to live in.

There is no in-going donation to reside at Heritage Court. Residents pay an all inclusive House Fee.

The House Fee covers electricity, water, gas, phone line (excluding call costs), 24/7 pendant monitoring, all meals, assistance with heavy laundry, maintenance, gardening and basic household supplies.

The fee also covers the wages for staff that work at Heritage Court.

Northern Suburbs Housing Community does not receive any recurrent funding from Government to provide the services that are provided to residents at Heritage Court.

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