Leaking Pipes

Consider turning water off at the water meter, storing water for use in buckets until next working day. Toilet can be flushed with bucket if necessary.

Smoke Alarms

If the smoke alarm is constantly beeping, presumably the back-up battery is flat, alternatively dust can sometimes set smoke alarms off. Consider isolating the power supply, replacing the battery or try cleaning off any dust.

If you have difficulty doing any of the above, please contact the office.

Hot Water Services

Electric hot water services can be turned off at the power board.

Gas hot water services can be isolated at the gas mains.

Water can be isolated by turning the tap off, or by turning the main tap off at the water mains.

If you share an electricity, gas or water meter, please do NOT isolate the mains, unless there is a wiring issue (electricity) or a leak (gas & water) as isolating electricity, gas and water will result in all appliances connected to those services not working.This will inconvenience other tenants on the property.

Please  contact the office on the next working day. The Association can not repair or supply and install hot water service after hours.

Live Electrical Wires

If at all possible, turn off the electricity supply at the mains.

A licensed electrician will need to attend.

Storm Damage

If major damage has occurred contact the State Emergency Services (SES) on 132 500 to obtain assistance to remove fallen trees or branches.

If there has been minor damage, call the office on the next working day.

Roof Leaking

Leaking Ceiling

Place a bucket beneath where it is dripping through the ceiling.

If the ceiling appears bowed, consider punching a hole in the ceiling with a broom handle where the ceiling is sagging to release the collected water.

When the rain has stopped the Association will need to determine the extent of the damage by contacting a roofer/plumber/tiler.

If this occurs after hours, contact the office on the next working day.

Overloaded Gutters

Once or twice a year heavy rain will result in water overflowing the gutters.

This usually occurs when there is a buildup of leaf litter in gutters which needs to be “flushed” through the stormwater pipe.

The gutters are meant to overflow in these situations.

Broken Windows

A broken window will normally incur a tenant charge.

Does the broken window cause a safety or security issue? Also beware of broken glass. Glazing companies will attend after hours but extra charges will be incurred.

Fallen Trees/Limbs

Determine the extent of any damage to the house or property and any adjoining property.

Is it a security concern? Is it a safety hazard? Is it causing damage to electricity or gas or water lines?

If so isolate the supply and call the State Emergency Services (SES) on 132500.

Locks & Lockouts

The Association is only responsible for a faulty lock, it is not responsible for a tenant’s misuse of the lock..The reason for the lock being faulty will be assessed by the Locksmith.

A lost key or misplaced key is a tenant responsibility. Locks cannot be changed unless consented in writing has been given by the Association.

Sewer Blockages

Usually there are signs that the sewer will become blocked. Toilets don’t flush properly, a sewer odor can be smelt, etc.

If a sewer blockage is reported after hours it will be attended to the following working day. Until it has been attended to, minimise the waste water going through the sewer.


Please contact the Association on 8344 9011 if you do not find an answer appropriate to the question you may have.

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