How can Tenants Participate?

Tenant participation provides both tenants and the Association (as the tenants’ landlord), the opportunity to be:

  • involved in sharing ideas about how services are provided and managed
  • consulted and given the option to provide feedback about their housing
  • involved in what is happening within the Association.

Northern Suburbs Housing Community tenants are encouraged to take part in a range of activities including providing feedback on services through the annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey, providing feedback on policy changes, volunteering for the Association and sharing their ideas and experiences at tenant meetings.

The Association is always available to listen to ideas about how tenants can get involved, so please let the Association know of your ideas!

Annual Tenant Survey

Northern Suburbs Housing Community carries out an annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey. This is sent to all tenants.

The Tenant Survey provides the Association with valuable feedback on all aspects of the housing services being provided and helps the Association measure satisfaction levels among tenants across all areas of our work.

Both the 2014 and 2015 Survey demonstrated continuing high standards in service delivery and customer service.

A summary from the responses received is included in Northern Suburbs Housing Community’s Annual Report.

The most recent Tenant Satisfaction survey can be found on our Downloads webpage.

Tenant Advisory Group

The Association invites tenants to nominate for the Tenant Advisory Group, our TAG Team! In order to nominate a tenant must have been a tenant of the Association for a minimum period of 12 months.

The Tenant Advisory Group meets and provides feedback to the Association on a specific service or assists with a specific project such as reviewing Tenancy Guidelines.

Tenant Information Meetings

The Association may hold Tenant Information Meetings. These are usually called when the Association has something very important to pass on and tenants can offer feedback.

Tenants are invited to submit questions prior to each meeting which the Association can respond to at the meeting.

Tenants can also ask questions from the floor, however in order to answer the question appropriately the Association may need to do further research.

All questions and answers will be included in the following Newsletter to inform tenants who were unable to attend the Tenant Information Meeting.

Annual General Meeting

All tenants of the Association are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Association which is held in September each year.

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