Community Housing Customer Register

Northern Suburbs Housing Community takes applicants from the Community Housing Customer Register.

To check if you are on the community housing waiting list, please ring 13 12 99 and check if your registration of interest is on the register.

You should ring every six months; or straight away if your contact details or your circumstances change. Northern Suburbs Housing Community will contact people who have registered for community housing through the Association at least once a year. Please complete any review forms that the Association sends to you and return them to the Association as soon as possible.

Northern Suburbs Housing Community does not have high vacancy rates and can not estimate how long you will have to wait; it will depend on who moves out and whether that property meets the need that you specified on your registration of interest.

Being on the Community Housing Customer Register does not simply mean waiting for your “turn” to be housed.

Northern Suburbs Housing Community carefully matches registrants on the register to the available properties to ensure they will have the best possible housing outcome and that their new accommodation is the most suitable accommodation for them and their needs.

This process ensures that those that are housed by the Association have successful long term tenancies.

If your need for housing is more urgent, the Association urges you to contact Housing SA.

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